Self-declaration for outgoing student exchange

By accepting an offer of student exchange from HVL (minimum 3 months studies or 2 months traineeship) I commit to

  • Keep updated on relevant information about my exchange and the institution I will study at.
  • Check in advance which vaccinations are necessary to the country I am travelling to.
  • Write a report after my exchange or write a blog while abroad.

I am responsible for ensuring that all courses/traineeships I do whole on exchange is pre-approved by HVL. I will contact HVL as soon as possible if any changes occur.

I will register for the semester at HVL and pay the semester fee within the deadline. I will also update my contact information on Studentweb.

I am responsible for procuring the necessary insurances before going on exchange. This includes accident and sickness insurance, travel insurance covering transport home in case of illness or injury as well as the necessary theft and liability insurances. If my exchange is within the EU/EEA this may include ordering a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

I am responsible for following laws and regulations, both in my host country and at my host institution, while on exchange. I will keep myself updated on the situation in the country I am travelling to and follow advice from the local government and the host institution, should special circumstances arise.

I am aware that there is a certain risk related to living abroad and accept that HVL cannot be held responsible for actions or events that may happen to me while on exchange.