Travel environmentally friendly with Erasmus +

Are you going abroad with Erasmus+ and care about the climate? HVL encourages you to travel environmentally friendly. If you use an environmentally friendly means of transport to your Erasmus exchange, you can take part in the draw for a supplementary grant of 2,000 NOK.

Terms of participation

  • The draw is open to HVL students who have been granted a place on an exchange through Erasmus +. This applies to students regardless of the length of the exchange.

  • Grants are only offered in connection with travel to or from an exchange. A student can only participate during the semester (s)he is on exchange. If the student is on an exchange for two semesters, (s)he can participate in both semesters.

  • In order for an application to be considered, environmentally friendly transport must be used throughout the journey. The travel route and date of travel must be visible on the travel document.

  • Bus and trains are considered as environmentally friendly transport. If you plan to use other environmentally friendly means of transport, please contact
  • You can use a travel calculator, like for example Travel and Climate to see how you can make your exchange as climate friendly as possible. 

How do you participate?

You participate by sending an e-mail entitled "Environmental grant" which contains your name and student number to before 1st February for the spring semester, and before 1st June for the autumn semester.

The winners of the will be contacted by e-mail. They will also be published on HVL's website and on social media.


Up to 10 grants of 2,000 NOK each will be awarded per semester. The draw will take place on the first working day after the deadline for participation, by a representative from the Division of Research, Internationalisation and Innovation with two witnesses present.

If there are less than 10 entries in the draw for the current semester, the corresponding number of guaranteed grants will be awarded.


To receive payment please for send your receipt of environmentally friendly travel to before 10th August (for exchange in the previous spring semester) or 10th February (for exchange in the previous autumn semester). If you have not made the return trip within these dates, a receipt for the planned trip can be sent in.

Any receipts received after this will not be considered valid. HVL may withhold payment of grants if proof of completed travel is not sufficient or credible. Grants that have been awarded, but where receipts have not been sufficient, will be re-awarded following a new draw. Only applicants who did not get a grant offer in the first round will be included in this draw. HVL will contact relevant person/persons.