Access to IT-systems

As a student, you have access to a number of computer programs and free Wi-Fi on campus.

Step 1 - Activate your user account

Activate your user account to get access to HVL-systems, like student email, learning platform Canvas, submissions and examsystem WISEflow, wireless network, Office365 and more.

As HVL-students you get access to an email account within HVL computer system. Important information from HVL will be sent to this email, so its obligatory to check this regularly.

* Your email is:
* Username is your studentnumber
* Your studentnumber can be found in your profile on Studentweb
* Pin you will get sent by text message

HVL uses multi-factor login, which you must activate yourself before the account will be functional. Activation of Multi-factor Authentication.

Step 2 - Semester registration

When you accept your educational plan for the current semester, you automaticly get signed up to education and exam in the subject. You can find your registrations under “My active courses” in Studentweb. You are responsible to check that registrations are done and correct.

You can log into Studentweb trought Feide with your username and password. If you dont have this, you can log in with your Personal id number and PIN-code.

Log into Studentweb


Step 3 - Find information about your subject and log into learningplatform

Tje Learning management system called Canvas is an important everyday tool during your studies. This is where you can find messages from lecturera, information about your tasks, submissions and more.

Log in here

To get access to Canvas you have to have accepted your educational plan in Studentweb. If your a new student you also have to activate your user account (check step 1.)

You log into Canvas with Feide login (the same login that you use for studentweb and your user account), Your username is your studentnumber.

Change in study programme

If you have changed study programme or have been transferred to a different class you have to make a request to in order to get access to the correct subjects in Canvas.

Step 4 - Log into WIFI

The wireless network at HVL is named Eduroam. You log in using and your HVL-useraccount password. You need to activate your useraccount to get access your email.

You may use “eduroam cat tool” to automaticly get the settings needed:

1. Go to eduroam cat webpage
2. Click on “last ned din eduroam profil”
3. Run the file that is downloaded
4. Fill in username and password
5. Press install

Step 5 - Software

As HVL-student you get access to Office 365. Direct login to Office 365.

Click for information on other software.