Study start in Stord

Program semester opening 2023 in Stord

Tuesday, August 8th

Start-up only for Fjords and Glaciers. Meet in room SJU140.

10.30: Welcome to the Orientation Day – presentations and general information

11.00: Information from Student Advisor

11.40: The student welfare organisation (Sammen) talks about their services.

12.10: The library informs about how to use their services.

12.30: Campus Tour. We will have a short tour of the most important parts of campus. You will get to know the library and the Service & Information Centre.

13.00:  Assorted bread-based lunch. Please inform the Student Advisor, Albert of any allergies or food-preferences.

Monday, August 14th

9.00–10.30: New full degree students meet on campus and go to their assigned classrooms

10.45–11.30: Welcome ceremony in the auditorium for new students and staff

11.30–12.30: Lunch is served in the common area for new students and staff

12.30–14.00: Academic introduction program

After 14.00: Campus tour

18.00: Barbecue

Tuesday, August 15th

09.45-14.15: Stands for student organizations and student welfare society (Sammen)

10.15-14.00: Lectures

19.00: Quiz in the Aula

Wednesday, August 16th

09.00–15.30: Pop-up bookstore

09.45–14.15: Stands for student organizations and the student welfare society (called Sammen or Saman)

10.15-14.00: Lectures

17.00 Fadder group activities for new full degree students: Games and activities inspired by the Norwegian TV-show Farmen with the student organization Råmund

Thursday, August 17th

09.00-14.00: Lectures

14.00: Official opening of the new student housing facilities with barbeque and cake.

18:00: City walk - explore Stord

Friday, August 18th

09.00-15.00: Lectures

19.30: TBA

20.00: Open stage

Saturday and Sunday, August 18th and 19th

Join us in the Buddy programme also during the weekend!

Saturday: Theme party by Studentersamfundet at the student house Granheim (theme tba)

Sunday: Movie night at Aula

Fadder programme and buddy programme

The Fadder programme/buddy programme is of course for both full degree students and exchange students at Stord. 

At your service at Stord


Phone number: (+47) 55 58 58 00

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 08.00–15.00. (From 15.9. to 14.5.: 08.00–15.30)