Programmes of study that require suitability assessment

Suitability assessments are covered by the Regulations relating to Suitability Assessments in Higher Education.

Teacher and special teacher training

  • Kindergarten teaching, bachelor
  • Primary school teaching, grades 1-7, masters
  • Primary school teaching, grades 5-10, masters
  • Sports and Physical Education, subject teacher
  • Music, lecturer
  • Educational theory and practice
  • Pedagogical educations that satisfy requirements to be employed in a teaching position in primary or secondary school, as per chapter 14 in Regulation no. 724 of the Education Act, 23 June 2006.

Speech therapy, health and social sciences and sign language training

  • Child care, bachelor
  • Bioengineering, bachelor
  • Occupational Therapy, bachelor
  • Physiotherapy, bachelor
  • Midwifery, master
  • Radiography, bachelor
  • Nursing, bachelor
  • Social work, bachelor
  • Interpretation and sign languages, bachelor
  • Social Nursing, bachelor