Borrow and order

Practical information about borrowing and lending policies.

Lending policies

  • Patrons must have a valid library card with the correct contact information to borrow library materials. 
  • Patron are personally responsible for everything they have borrowed, and that the borrowed material will be returned within the deadline in the same state as it was when they borrowed it. 
  • A return date will be provided for each document the patron borrows. Materials borrowed from other libraries follow the regulations of the lending library. 
  • The patron is obliged to replace lost or damaged material. The minimum fee per item is 750 NOK. Borrowing privileges are lost until the fee is paid or the material is returned/replaced. 
  • Unpaid fees can be sent to debt collection. 
  • Library patrons are obliged to use printed and electronic resources in accordance to the Norwegian Copyright Act (Lov om opphavsrett til åndsverk). Personal username and password to access electronic resources cannot under any circumstances be shared with third parties.
  • Failure to comply with the lending policies may result in the loss of borrowing privileges.

Library card

Students are automatically registrered as patrons. The student card is your library card. 
Employees can use their ID card as a library card. Contact the library to activate it. 
External users can be registrered as a patron by personal attendance in the library and showing valid ID, or use a library card from other libraries. 

Lending rights

Students and employees can borrow books and other materials. Materials not owned by the library can be ordered from other libraries free of charge. External users are also welcome to use our collections. 


You can register your loans by using our self-service machines. Certain items may have to be registered at the counter. 

My Account in Oria and how to renew

In My Account in Oria you will find an overview of your loans and your requests. You must log in with your Feide username and password. For students this means your student number. External users log in with their registered e-mail or by Google log-in.  

In My account you can also renew your loans. One-day loans and materials that are requested by others cannot be renewed. For employees the loans are renewed automatically for six months as long as they are not requested by others.  

How to order

You can request non-available books via Oria if you want to be put on a waiting list. Books that are available on other campuses than your own are ordered in the same way. Materials not owned by the HVL library are ordered through Oria as well. You will get a message by SMS or email when your material can be picked up, and you must collect your items within 3 working days. If the book you are interested in is available on the shelf of your campus library, you should normally pick it up yourself. 

Please note that you cannot request a book for a specific date. Neither is it possible to borrow course literature or e-books from other libraries. 



When the loan period is up, you need to renew or return your materials. They can be returned on either campus, regardless of where they were borrowed. They can also be returned by regular mail. 

Loan period

The regular loan period is 4 weeks. Please note that some materials can have a shorter loan period. 

What happens after the due date?

Patrons receive an e-mail every month with an overview of their loans and their due dates.

On the due date you will receive an SMS or e-mail reminder that you have a loan that is overdue.

You may renew the loan if there is no waiting list. The loan must be returned promptly if there is a waiting list. Maximum loan period is 6 months. After 6 months the loan cannot be renewed.

If the loan is not returned or renewed, the following messages will be sent:

  • 14 days after the due date you will receive an e-mail with a warning to either return or replace the loan.
  • 21 days after the due date you will receive an e-mail with a replacement fee and your lending right will be blocked.

You will then have three choices:

1. Return the loan and the fee will be deleted

2. Buy and return a corresponding copy to the library

3. Pay the fee at

Lost or damaged materials must be replaced. Minimum price per lost document is 750 NOK. The right to borrow new materials will be blocked until the fee is paid.

Unpaid replacement fees may be sent to debt collection.

Contact the library if you have any questions.

Remote students

Remote students can get books and articles sent to them by mail. Another possibility is to contact your local library and ask if they can be of assistance. If the item you need is not in their collection, they can often order it for you. This is often the fastest alternative.

Oria is used to get books and articles sent home from us and you choose "home delivery" when you place your order. If you do not have this as an option, then you have to contact your campuslibrary to get registered as a remote student.

Please contact the library for more information.