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Nasjonalbiblioteket - Access to legal deposit material




Bokhylla.no is a website with digitized books from the National Library of Norway. Books published before the year 2000 have been made available to the public in Norway.

Students and researchers can access books published after the year 2000 for research and study/thesis purposes. To verify this, you must confirm your usage when opening a document.

Note: From 22 March, students cannot apply for access to books that are curriculum literature at any of Norway's universities or university colleges.

To access:
- Go to the National Library's page to send an application to the library.
- Log in with Feide.
- In the field Velg bibliotek (Select library); search for «Høgskulen på Vestlandet» and select your campus library.
- Click Send inn (Submit).
- Visit the library and the information desk and request that the application be approved.
- When it is approved; go to the National Library's login page.
- Log in with your Feide login.

About access
- A loan of an object lasts for up to 8 hours.
- The loan lasts for 2 hours in case of inactivity.
- Access to the digital objects is provided by streaming. It is not permitted to download or distribute the material. Otherwise, the usual rules apply as with other copyrighted material.

Only available in Norwegian.

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