Publish your research in HVL Open

HVL's institutional repository - HVL Open - includes publications authored by students and staff. The main goal is to make research at HVL visible and accessible to all.

HVL Open

For employees 

As an employee, your can archive your own publications after registering in Cristin. Go to your registered article in Cristin and click on “Deliver full-text document” at the bottom of the page. Publications in Open Access journals may be uploaded in the version produced by the publisher, whereas for publications in subscription journals you should normally upload the accepted manuscript file. Before publishing, the library checks what is allowed by the publisher. 

Reports and papers published in HVL's publishing series are also stored in HVL Open. 

Self-archiving of PhD dissertations

PhD dissertations submitted at HVL must be archived in HVL Open. This concerns all article-based dissertations, and monographs when possible. HVL Open makes the dissertation discoverable through services like Oria, and openly available to researchers, students and a wider readership.

This is how you self-archive the dissertation:

  1. Log in to Cristin and find or register your dissertation
  2. Under “Institution archive”, click the link Submit full-text document
  3. Check for “Co-authors consent”, select document type Version of Record, and upload the file – preferably in PDF format.
  4. The dissertation is sent to HVL Open, where the library will clear it for archiving. Articles that have not been published open access will in some cases not be publishable as part of the dissertation, but most publishers will accept archiving of the accepted manuscript version, in which case the library will make sure access is delayed until any embargo period has passed.

The agreement with the publisher, and their web pages, will usually clarify whether the manuscript or the Version of Record can be archived as part of the dissertation. Many publishers also use RightsLink for easy copyright clearance, available through a link called “Reprints and permissions” or similar on the article’s web page.

Monographs can normally be archived in their entirety, but if you want to publish it as a book, you should check with the publisher whether they accept public archiving of the original, submitted dissertation before publication of the book, or whether they want an embargo until some time later.

For students

All master theses are published in HVL Open. Bachelor theses graded A or B are also published. You consent to the publication of your thesis when submitting it. 


Please use our HVL Open email address.