Children at risk in highconflict families

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Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Project categories

Applied Research

Project period

August 2014 - June 2017

Project summary

The Ministry of Children, Equality and Social inclusion give implications for a closer cooperation between family counseling and child welfare. The Office for Children, Youth and Familiy Affairs which is administratively responsible for both family counseling and child welfare points out as one of its priority areas that these services should have standards telling what the content of the services should be and how to work in a professionally correct and appropriate manner in meetings with the individual child, the individual youth and families.

However, there is little research that highlightes both the scope of issues and how family counseling and child welfare assess and work with children involved in high conflict families. These are two services that get more responsibility for children in situations that the support system experience as challening to work with.

The aim of the project is to contribute to increased knowledge about social work with children who are victims of parental conflicts to such an extent that children are considered to be in a neglect situation.