On the Symposium’s first day (before the opening ceremony), six workshops covering several themes of interest for Space Syntax research will take place. The workshops provide opportunities to learn about recent technological and methodological developments, to update your skills regarding computational tools and analytical methods, and also to meet and discuss with colleagues focused on similar research interests. Participants are invited to bring their own laptops, case studies and research questions.

Plenary sessions

Plenary sessions with keynote speakers offer formal presentations on topics of broad interest to the Space Syntax community. These sessions will consist of two speakers under a common theme: one speaker from inside the Space Syntax community and the other from outside. The plenary sessions will be scheduled at the beginning of each symposium day. Instead of the usual group "Q&A" following each keynote presentation, the audience will be invited to email questions arising from the talks to an address provided by the organization (or to record their questions personally). These questions will be addressed and developed afterwards by keynote speakers, at the Bar Session following their talk (see below).

The Bar Sessions

Following each day’s plenary session, keynote speakers will also participate together in a ‘bar session’, taking place in the pub “Kronbar” at the end of the day, in the pub next to the venue. The objective of these sessions is to produce informal and extended discussions, allowing the participants a chance to meet and talk with keynote speakers at length in a relaxed atmosphere, about issues arising from their presentation. The questions gathered on each plenary session (see above), will then be thoroughly addressed and will constitute the engine of the discussion, moderated by an experienced member of the Space Syntax community.

Themed paper presentations

Paper presentations are grouped by general themes or topics into parallel sessions comprised of a maximum of five presentations, followed by group discussion. Each presenter in the session makes a formal twenty-minute presentation of their work; Q&A and group discussion follow after all have presented. Session Chairs introduce the speakers, keep time on the presentations, and facilitate the discussion.

Poster sessions

Poster sessions present preliminary results of works in progress or projects that lend themselves to visual displays and representations. These sessions allow for engagement in informal discussions about the work with interested participants and for getting to know the community, especially for first-time presenters.

NEW: The “nutty nerdy corner”

We will put up a “nutty nerdy corner” where the participants can write down technical questions they are struggling with during the whole symposium. Other participants who can answer these questions can then meet up during short planned moments to share the knowledge.

Walking, climbing or city tours

A selection of walking and climbing tours in Bergen will provide excellent opportunities to connect with participants and to enhance the symposium experience. Beyond the scope of their routes and contents, these technical visits are the main way of "breaking the ice" away from the formalities of the symposium hall, providing an informal setting for discussing different points of view and socialising. Depending on the weather, one evening climb up to Bergen’s highest mountain ‘Ulriken’ is planned.