The venue of the 13th international Space Syntax symposium will take place in two  buildings next to each other at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) at Kronstad in Bergen. The venue is located next to Kronstad light rail stop, and Kronstad is located 2 km from the city centre. The main building was opened in 2014 and the second building opened in 2020. At present, Kronstad is transforming fast with new dense buildings and a second light rail line under construction.

About the pleanary room

Mimes Brønn


About Bergen

Bergen is an old trading city that dates back from 1020. The city was founded in 1070. Remains from the early trading periods can still be found at the ‘Bryggen’ area in Bergen centre. Bergen was the largest city in Norway until 1830’s. It is known to be the rainiest city in Europe. When it is not raining, the city is a jewel in the way it is located between seven mountains and the fjords. From the city centre, you can take the train up to the mountain Fløyen where you have a scenic view of the city centre and the fjords. Next to Bryggen, the famous fish market is located. Bergen’s seven mountains offer a wide range of hiking possibilities easily accessible from the city centre

About HVL

The Western Norway University of Applied sciences was established in 2017. It is a collaboration of four different university colleges from the towns Bergen (HiB), Sogndal (HiSF), Førde and Stord/Haugesund (HSH). These university colleges have existed since 1994.

Getting there

Kronstad is located 2 km from Bergen centre and is located between Ulriken and Løvstakken mountains. There are direct light rail connections from the Airport and the city centre to Kronstad.

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