European Network of Picturebook Research – the 7th International conference

– Verbal and visual strategies in nonfiction picturebooks

The 7th International conference in the European Network of Picturebook Research will be held at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) in Bergen on September 26 – 28, 2019. 

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Programme Thursday 26/9

  • 9.00
    Registration and coffee/tea
  • 10.00
  • 10.20
    Opening perspectives

    Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer and Jörg Meibauer: 
    Narrating energy: How picturebooks engaged children in knowledge about coal, oil, gas, and the atom

    Nikola von Merveldt:
    Factual Fictions and Fictions of the Factual: A typology for describing hybrid non-fiction picturebooks

    Marnie Campagnaro:
    Stepping into the world of houses. Children's picturebooks on architecture (1969-2019)

  • 12.20
  • 13.30
    Biographies 1

    Berit Westergaard Bjørlo:
    Picturebook biographies about Frida Kahlo: Adaptations of life stories and art works

    Lesley D. Clement:
    Metaphors, Counterstories, and Rentrayage in an Artist’s Biography: Amy Novesky/Isabelle Arsenault’s Cloth Lullaby: The Woven Life of Louise Bourgeois

  • 13.30
    Portuguese nonfiction

    Inês Costa:
    Learning, playing and falling asleep: Portuguese non-fiction picturebooks for every occasion

    Sara Reis da Silva: 
    Contributions to the History of nonfictional children’s books in Portugal: the collection «My First Books», by Natércia Rocha

  • 14.50
    Coffee/tea and cake
  • 15.20
    Evolution and ecocriticism

    Anna Karlskov Skyggebjerg:
    Nonfiction picturebooks about evolution – a basis for aesthetic experience?

    Åse Marie Ommundsen and Gunnar Haaland:
    An ecocritical reading of knowledge construction and artistic strategies in Verden sa ja [The world said yes] (2018) by Kaia Dahle Nyhus

  • 15.20
    Art, empathy and ecocriticism

    Dorena Caroli:

    From “piece of art” to “toy books”. Nonfiction picturebooks in Soviet Union and in France (1930-1950)

    Janice Bland:
    Making the stone stony in nonfiction picturebooks

  • 16:45
    Book launches

Programme Friday 27/9:

  • 9.00
    Multimodal strategies

    Giorgia Grilli:
    Nonfiction and Imagination. Picturebooks that make children think, feel, wonder, grasp, connect, as opposed to simply accept a given explanation of the world.

    Anne-Stefi Teigland:
    Facts or fun? A study of visual transmission of knowledge in nonfiction for children

    Celia Abicalil Belmiro and Marcus Vinicius Rodrigues Martins:
    Stylistic and multimodal strategies in reference books for children

  • 9.00
    Gardens and butterflies

    Malin Drugge:
    Botanical children in Swedish narrative nonfiction picturebooks

    Fabrizio Bertolino, Emilio Bertoncini, Anna Perazzone and Sara Vincett:
    The first vegetable garden. Four professionals among the pages of nonfiction picturebooks

    Elżbieta Jamróz-Stolarska:
    From a comic book about Białowieża Forest to the butterfly atlas. Polish picturebooks about nature

  • 11.00
    Coffee/tea and fruit
  • 11.30
    Biographies 2

    Inger-Kristin Vie Larsen:
    Visual and verbal representations in new, Norwegian biographies for children and young adult

    Maria Casado Villanueva:
    Portraits of the Artist as Young Men: Biography, Intermediality, and Emotional Engagement in Picture Book Accounts of Poets’ Lives

  • 11.30

    Emanuel Madalena:
    T is for trans-inclusive: transgender themes in non-fiction picturebooks

    Sarah Hoem Iversen:
    The (re)presentation of knowledge in picture dictionaries: gendered representations of children

  • 13.00
  • 14.00
    Rights and ideology

    Maria Pujol-Valls, Mariona Graell Martín, Amàlia Ramoneda Rimbau and Paola Bustamante:
    How new artistic strategies in nonfiction picturebooks help address children’s rights

    Petros Panaou and Angela Yannicopoulou:
    Visual and verbal strategies communicating ideology in nonfiction picturebooks about sculptures

    Nicola Daly:
    New Zealand Sufragettes and the Implied Readers of 2 New Zealand Picturebooks

  • 14.00
    Artwork and ABC Books

    Małgorzata Cackowska:
    Artistic strategies in visualising letters – the best original Polish ABC books in the 20th and 21st centuries

    Betül Gaye Dinç and Ilgım Veryeri Alaca:
    Interacting with Non-Fiction Picturebooks in Art Museums

    Nina Goga:
    Teaching interspecies awareness through artistic nonfiction ABC picturebooks

  • 16.00
    Coffee/tea and cake
  • 16.20
    Controversial Nonfiction

    Hanna Dymel-Trzebiatowska

    Transgressing cultural borders.
    Controversial Swedish nonfiction
    picturebooks in Polish translation

    Anne Marie Øines and Eva Maagerø
    How are children made? Picture
    books about human procreation
    for young children

  • 19.00
    Conference dinner

Programme Saturday 28/9

  • 9.20
    Cities and citizens

    Ana Margarida Ramos:
    Can a city map be a picturebook? Alternative publishing formats for children

    Christophe Meunier:
    Who Built That? Becoming a Citizen of the World with Didier Cornille’s Picturebooks

  • 9.20
    Science for children

    Frauke Pauwels:
    Chasing Science with Professor Astro Cat: blends in nonfiction picturebooks

    Gökhan Ersan:
    Picturebooks of the Atom : The Cognitive Art of Marie Neurath and Beyond

  • 10.40
    Coffee/tea and fruit
  • 11.00
    Closing perspectives

    Yael Darr:
    Zionist Struwwelpetes: Illustrated Catalogues of Childish Behavior during Israeli Nation-building

    Beate Laudenberg:
    Wolves – European Wildlife in Nonfiction Picturebooks

    Smiljana Narančić Kovač:
    A semiotic model of the non-narrative picturebook

  • 13.00
    Summing up and launching the next conference
  • 13.30
    Lunch and goodbyes

About the conference

The European Network of Picturebook Research was established during the first picturebook conference in Barcelona in September 2007. Since then, biannual conferences have been held in different European countries. The aims of the conferences are to foster international picturebook research, to promote young researchers who are focusing on the investigation of picturebooks and to publish selected papers presented at the conferences through international publishers or in peer-reviewed journals. Read more about the conference here.

Conference fee

Early registration fee (before May 15, 2019): € 60,00 

Fee after May 15 (till July 31), 2019: € 95,00 
Conference dinner: € 35,00 (drinks not included)

Key dates

  • Call for papers: December 15, 2018
  • Notification of acceptance: March 15, 2019 
  • Final date for registration: July 31, 2019
  • PhD workshop September 25, 2019 

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