bilde av Christopher Henshilwood

Christopher Henshilwood

Studying the behavioural origins of Homo sapiens in southern Africa between 120 000 – 50 000 years ago: Norway/South Africa Co-operative Research

bilde av Fasiha Hassan

Fasiha Hassan

Transitions: decolonization of higher education and politics

bilde av Maria Paula Meneses

Maria Paula Meneses

Food as Knowledge, interconnecting the Global South

bilde av Masego Katisi

Masego Katisi

Balancing North-South partnerships in health: reflections on processes underlying synergistic vs. antagonistic outcomes

bilde av Sveinung Jørgensen and Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen

Sveinung Jørgensen and Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen

The role of alliances in succeeding with circular business models