Conference about Sustainability and Climate in Religion

- Challenges and Potential for Society and Schools

The conference aims to provide and publicise new knowledge, develop networks
and inspire those who are concerned about how religion and beliefs can create environmental commitment.

A secondary goal is to explore how environmental ethics could be used as a dialogue-creating theme between different religions.

This conference is designed for researchers, religious leaders, people engaged in teacher education and activists.The conference is planned as an international event with English and the Nordic languages as conference languages.

The conference will explore these questions:

  • How do different religions work with sustainability and ecotheology?
  • How is this work being conveyed?
  • What is the potential of these topics as a platform for dialogue and cooperation between different faiths and religions?
  • How can the subject of religion in the public schools be integrated with this theme?

The participants are invited to present theoretical and practical papers and to give an receive responses.

Date: February 12-14, 2020
Location: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Campus Bergen). Inndalsveien 28, 5063 Bergen
Participant fee: 
1-day 13 February, 950 NOK
3-day 12-14 February, 2000 NOK
Students can participate for free, but food and drink are not included.

Registration opens September 2019
Paper submission deadline: January 1, 2020
Deadline for registration: January 31, 2020


  • Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Bergen Campus)
  • The Church of Norway
  • The Council for Religious and Life Stance Communities in Norway (STL)


  • Lutheran World Federation
  • Al Mowafaqa Institute ecumenical de theology (Rabbat, Morocco)
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences