Collaboration, Interaction and Graphics

The research group is interested in developing and applying new technologies for societal benefits. It focuses on interdisciplinary research from innovation and technology.

The new technologies in focus are: computer graphics, simulation, visualization technologies, virtual reality applications, 3D printing, serious games and gamification.

We are interested in applying technologies in innovative ways to real-life problems from e.g. industrial settings, health care, professional training and simulation etc.

Our cross-disciplinary projects aims to contribute to new or better technologies, more efficient services and solutions suited to specific user group requirements.

Actual projects are planned in collaboration with partners from industry and research organizations.

Examples of partners:
Systems in Motions (SIM), Kongsberg/SIM, Stormfjord, BB Visual Solutions, Tobii Dynavox, Gexcon, Christian Michelsen Research (CMR), the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, the Offshore Simulator Center (OSC), Norwegian Center of Experience Media (NCE Media)