Reproductive Health and Health Promotion Work in a Life Course Perspective

We study various aspects of reproductive health in a life course perspective; women and men, children, adolescents and family health

A main goal is to contribute to a positive start for the new family through family planning, pregnancy, birth, post partum period, infants, including toddler period and period as young adults. The theoretical basis is related to health promotion, salutogenesis and coping.

Demographic and socio-cultural changes in society affect public health. Increased migration and changing age composition in society can contribute to social inequalities and challenges related to reproduction. We want to provide knowledge that will be important when future care is planned and organized.

In the research group, we work for better collaboration between the specialist health service and the municipal health service and for guidelines and new research to be implemented.

Ongoing research projects

Head of research group

bilde av Anne Britt Vika Nilsen

Anne Britt Vika Nilsen

Associate Professor

Deputy leader

bilde av Eva Langeland

Eva Langeland