Societal change, mobility, youth, culture and knowledge

The research group Societal change, mobility, youth, culture and knowledge includes social scientists and historians.

Our prime purpose is to contribute to a informed and reflexive public management and debate, by pointing out, examining and mediate relevant questions and perspectives, derived from our own research.

The group members represent a wide field of interests, which can be roughly sorted in three main themes:

  • Hybrid landscapes
  • Place, movement and culture
  • Education and knowledge

"Hybrid landscapes" is an approach to the study of environment and sustainability, by examining the landscape as a seamless web, in which nature and culture are mutually interacting.

The field "Place, movement and culture" include cultural meeting, mobility, organisation, class studies, minorities, marginal groups and indigenous people.

Our research on education and knowledge is dealing with knowledge generation and mediation in society in general, as well as studying our own teaching, to suggest improvements.

Many of the historians are experienced in assignment history, and interested in writing the histories of municipalities, enterprises, governmental bodies and organisations.

Contact information

bilde av Yngve Skjærseth Nilsen

Yngve Skjærseth Nilsen

Head of Research Group