The research network “Care philosophy”

The research network is based at the Center for Care Research, Western Norway.

Care can be considered a foundation and basic condition for life itself. Human beings are fundamentally dependent on each other. Vulnerability is at the core of relations of interdependency. How this vulnerability is met is an urgent matter. Although interdependencies, vulnerability and care are universal and fundamental phenomena, they are particularly evident in relationships between patients and professionals in different care services and caresituations.

In addition to working with the basic ontological conditions of care, we also explore and study structural and cultural conditions for care in specific situations and institutions. The research network engage actively with other researchers and research institutions nationally and internationally. More than half of the members of the research network (approx. 60 people) are employed at the Center for Care Research, Western Norway’s partner institutions. Network seminars and conferences are arranged where basic topics and concepts related to care are presented and discussed. A seminar is arranged every six months, and every other year a conference with subsequent publications. The broad-based research network focuses on various issues related to the basis, phenomena and conditions of care. Including:

  • What is the origin of care?
  • How does care emerge and how can care be experienced?
  • What basic ideas can be linked to care, and how is care relevant to general ethics and professional ethics?
  • What are the conditions for care within the healthcare institutions today and how are they affected by different management mechanisms?
  • How does power relate to care? 
  • How may care grow and develop in the professional communities and in caregiving?
  • How can care cultures contribute to a good professionalism where patients' vulnerability and suffering are met? 
  • What ethical issues arise in professional caregiving relationships?
  • What are the threats to caring within the healthcare and welfare services today?


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