WP5 Knowledge co-production and outreach

Main objective: Generate knowledge for sustainable peatland planning together with experts, authorities, and stakeholders, and share knowledge with the general public.


We will organize three co-production workshops to actively engage experts from WP1–4, public authorities, and stakeholders in the three development cases: wind power (Okla), cabins (Turufjell) and roads (Fetsund).

All partners will engage in WP5. The first two workshops will explore challenges and knowledge needs in land use planning, wind power licensing processes, and restoration, in close collaboration with WP2-4. The third workshop gathers all participants to explore findings from WP1-4 and to co-produce potential models for complex environmental planning. These models will aim to integrate peatland knowledge in decision-making and restoration, with practices at the national and local levels.

We will also develop material for use in university courses and supervise bachelor’s and master’s theses on related subjects at Western Norwegian University of Applied Sciences and University of Agder. Moreover, we will create interactive learning programs for use in science centres, suitable for different age groups from kindergarten to high school, and consistent with national curricula in mathematics and natural and social sciences. The learning programs will include various media types (written material, short videos etc.) and focus on the multifunctionality of peatlands, their role as terrestrial carbon stocks, and conflicts between different types of land use. We will integrate project results with adapted educational material from abroad (e.g., Scotland and Ireland).

Research questions

  • Which peatland planning, management, and restoration challenges and knowledge needs are emerging at the local and national levels?
  • How can situated, scientific peatland knowledge be developed and contribute to improved decision-making and social legitimacy in land use management and planning?
  • How can knowledge of the peatlands and land use conflicts be disseminated to the general public?
bilde av Inger Auestad

Inger Auestad

Co-leader of WP5