SEMPER: Self-Efficacy in Mathematics, Pathways in Education Research, investigates students’ intraindividual learning processes in mathematics and the effect of a professional development intervention on teachers’ differentiated instruction and students’ trajectories in mathematics.

When students come to believe they are no good at learning mathematics, it is difficult for teachers to teach them otherwise. As such, we need to learn more both about how students come to believe they are no good at learning mathematics and how teachers can provide differentiated instruction for students with different beliefs.

SEMPER is a collaboration project between HVL, Sunnfjord school municipality, and researchers at the Universities of Oxford and Stavanger. The research in the project is organized in three work packages (WPs), where we will investigate students’ individual learning processes in mathematics (WP1), teacher-student interactions that support these learning processes (WP2), and how a professional development intervention can support teachers’ differentiated instruction in mathematics (WP3).