The Workhop Method

The basis of EX-PED-LAB is workshops for co-creation.

In our workshops, we bring together kindergarten staff, managers and researchers – sometimes together with artists, designers, students, children and families – for joint exploration. We meet physically over 1/2-1 day, and work together in different ways and with different themes. Common to the working methods is that co-creation is paramount. The researchers do not conduct research on the kindergarten employees, but with them.

The co-creation model

The model above shows how we view the process of co-creation of understanding and new knowledge. We have created it on the basis of a workshop pilot project, which you can read more about in the report Barnehagelærer som medforsker (norwegian).

The round shape of the model is inspired by the metaphor of a compass; it suggests the direction but must always be seen in the context of the terrain.

The model has three levels. The outermost circle constitutes the premises and central conditions of the EX-PED-LAB methodology: sustainable practices, culture of exploration, systemic leadership, good conditions, mutual trust, personal commitment, negotiation and change practices. The middle circle brings together eight key activities in the implementation of the workshops. The innermost circle speaks to the core of the model - that joint participation should lead to new knowledge.