What are we doing in Repeat

In the interdisciplinary, collaborative project REPEAT – REthinking sustainable land use of PEATlands, experts, public authorities, and stakeholders will develop new knowledge for sustainable planning and management of peatlands.

We aim to find a way of balancing considerations of carbon stocks and biodiversity against the need for development, using a set of road, cabin, and renewable energy development projects as examples.

Development of novel methods for peatland mapping, carbon stock estimation, and peatland restoration will be based on existing and new data from Norwegian and Scottish sites. Insights from the project will be made available to land managers and researchers, but also to society at large, by creating learning materials for students at all levels.

REPEAT aims to develop tools for sustainable planning and management of peatlands, that considers human needs without compromising environmental limits, now and in the future.

The project is organized into five work packages (WP1 – 5).

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