Programme committee for RESINNREG

The programme committee for the PhD programme Responsible Innovation and Regional Development (RESINNREG) discuss and give recommendations to the dean group in matters where the dean group seek the committee's council.

The committee is appointed for four years, except the research fellow representative, which is appointed for two years.

The programme committee has a mandate as follows

The committee has delegated authority from the board in the following matters:

  • Approve changes in the programme description within the scope of the accreditation
  • Decide which Master’s degrees qualify for admission to the given PhD programme
  • Approve admission to the PhD programme
  • Approve supervisors, project description and work plan
  • Determine criteria to rank qualified applicants when the number of applicants exceed admission capacity
  • Follow-up of the candidate’s progress
  • Appoint evaluation group for the midterm evaluation
  • Receive and present cases regarding the evaluation of the doctoral thesis for procedure
  • Nominate evaluation committee members to the central PhD committee
  • Decide on matters regarding the individual doctoral candidate

Committee members

  • Professor Lars Coenen (chair) (FIN)
  • Professor and pro dean for research Ole Andreas Brekke (deputy chair) (FØS)
  • Associate professor Laila Nordstrand Berg (FØS)
  • Associate professor Gudmund Ågotnes (FHS)
  • Professor Stig Erik Jakobsen (FIN)
  • PhD candidate Alexander John William Myatt 

In addition to

  • Professor Jill Merethe Loga (Head of programme and secretary for the programme committee)
  • Eva Leirbæk /Leah Junge (research administration) 

Meeting dates 2024

  • 14th February
  • 17th April
  • 29th May
  • 21th August
  • 13th November

Deadline for matters to be discussed in the programme committee: At least two weeks before the meeting date. Send email to