PhD programme in Responsible Innovation and Regional Development

The PhD programme in Responsible Innovation and Regional Development (RESINNREG) is a doctoral programme in innovation studies founded on professional and societal perspectives.

The PhD programme in Responsible Innovation and Regional Development encompasses the research fields of Responsible Industry Innovation, Public Sector Innovation and Green Innovation.

The programme is aimed at candidates who want to qualify for research and scientific work at a high international level, and will enable graduates to pursue a career related to responsible innovation efforts in academia, industry or the public sector.

Courses 2023/2024

Spring 2024  - Campus Bergen. (registration deadline:- 1st February).

PHDINN903 Understanding and Exploring Innovation

Course Dates: January 31 / February 01 - 02

PHDINN904 Doing Responsible Innovation

Course Dates: March 18 - 20 / April 29 - 30

PHDINN906 Sustainable and Digital Transformations for Responsible Organizations

Course Dates: April 15 - 16 / April 18 - 19


Fall 2023

PHDINN902 Philosophy of Science, Research Ethics and Responsible Innovation, October 5 - 6; October 25 - 26. Campus Bergen. Application deadline September 1st

PHDINN918 Innovation and Sustainability Transitions Teaching dates: November 20-24, campus Bergen. New application deadline: October 1st

PHDINN907 Innovation in the Public Sector   Course Dates September 12 - 13  and October 17 - 18. Campus Bergen

PHDINN905 Negotiation, Production and Interpretation of Qualitative Data in Innovation Studies, Course Dates: November 13th- 16th. Campus Sogndal



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Courses related to the PhD program Responsible Innovation and Regional Development (RESINNREG) are primarily for candidates who are admitted to the PhD program, but will also be open to other applicants.

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