New appointments in the programme committee for the PhD-programme in Responsible innovation and regional development (RESINNREG)

Professor Lars Coenen has been appointed new chair of the programme committee of RESINNREG.

Lars Coenen is Professor in Innovation and Sustainability Transitions at the Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development at HVL. His research interests converge around the geography of innovation. In particular he is interested in mapping and understanding innovation geographies related to urgent societal challenges and missions such as climate change.

Coenen is the author of more than 60 scientific papers published in leading international journals such as Research Policy, Environment and Planning A and Economic Geography and co-edited the edited volume ‘Urban Sustainability Transitions’. His work has made considerable scientific impact with over 14.000 citations in Scholar Google and he has been recognized as Highly Cited Researcher from 2020-2022 by Web of Science. Previously he has been professor at Lund University, Sweden and the University of Melbourne, Australia and he also holds an adjunct professorship at the University of Oslo. 

New member representing FHS

Associate professor Gudmund Ågotnes has been appointed new member of the program committee, representing the faculty of Health and Social Sciences (FHS) at HVL.

Ågotnes is a researcher at the Department of Welfare and Participation at HVL, the section for Applied Social Sciences. He has a PhD degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Bergen and is leading the research group Community Work at his department. His research address mechanisms for inclusion, marginalization and cohesion, participatory democratic processes and methods, as well as the relationship between public sector and civil society in the production of public services.

The mandate of the programme committee

The mandate of the RESINNREG program committee's is e.g. to process applications for admission to the PhD programme and to handle guidelines and academic content of the programme. The three academic members of the committee represents each of the three faculties included in RESINNREG: Faculty of Health and Social Sciences (FHS), Faculty of Engineering and Science (FIN) and Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences (FØS). All of the members are elected for a period of four years, except for the PhD representative who is elected for two years. The committee holds five meetings per year.

Members of the programme committee (from 01.01.2023)

Professor Lars Coenen (chair) (FIN)

Professor and pro dean for research Ole Andreas Brekke (deputy chair) (FØS)

Associate professor Laila Nordstrand Berg (FØS)

Associate professor Gudmund Ågotnes (FHS)

Professor Stig Erik Jakobsen (FIN)

PhD candidate Kelvin Wade Ivankovic


In addition to

Professor Jill M. Loga (Head of programme and secretary for the programme committee)

Eva Leirbæk (research administration)


For more information on the programme committee of RESINNREG:  


On behalf of HVL, the Dean at FØS would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing members, Chair of the Programme Committee professor Arne Fløysand and the representative of FHS professor Christine Øye for their contributions.