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Welcome to study a semester in one of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinations in Norway- hence the famous Sognefjord area.

Sogndal in Sognefjord area (western part of Norway)

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    How to apply

    This program is part of our Bachelor in Tourism Management in Sogndal and carried out in close cooperation with the tourist industry in the Sognefjord region. We co-operate with,,, and

    This program suits students studying:

    • bachelor in tourism management
    • bachelor in hotel management
    • bachelor in event management

    Run a hotel in Fjord Norway

    In both our practical placement courses you will be able to be part of the hotel management in a pictorial town in fjord Norway and run your own hotel. We will focus on an interdisciplinary approach including:

    • Hospitality
    • Marketing
    • Innovation & entrepreneurship
    • Event planning
    • Special interest tourism & storytelling

    Its also possible to have your practical placement in destination management organizations (dmo), museums or attractions, guide – and activity companies or transportation companies.

    Study details

    Mandatory courses

    Consumer Behaviour in Tourism

    7,5 credits (Norwegian credits)

    The consumer behavior in tourism course is intended to provide an understanding of basic concepts and theories for understanding consumer behavior using the social-psychological approach as well tourist behavior. The complex interaction between different factors is important to understand consumer behavior and their decision-making process as well as their consumption. This course highlights different internal and external factors including motivation, perception, learning, personality, attitude, culture, reference group influences, and decision making process. Alongside the course emphasizes concepts and theories from an experiential perspective focusing on the symbolic, hedonic, and aesthetic nature of consumption related to fantasies, feelings, and fun.

    MF6-2001 Consumer Behaviour in Tourism

    Event Management II

    7,5 credits (Norwegian credits)

    In Event Management II we focus on social, economic, political and environmental effects of events. Research and development within event and event management and threats and opportunities for digital events.

    RE6-2009 Event Management 2

    Choose between alternative 1 or 2

    We are happy to announce two options for this semester.

    Alternative 1:

    International Cross-cultural Management

    10 credits (Norwegian credits)

    With globalization becoming omnipresent across all industries and sectors, management of cultural diversity represents critical competence for managers: Stakeholder management, cultural diversity, cultural intelligence, sustainability. Interaction, communication, negotiation across national cultures.

    OR1000 International cross-cultural management


    Practical Placement I   

    5 credits (Norwegian credits)

    Work 100 hours in the regional student organization in Sogndal which host many different events and concerts during the semester. Event Management in a practical way.

    RE6-2011 Practical Plecement Tourism 1

    Alternative 2:

    Practical Placement II   

    15 credits (Norwegian credits)

    We co-operate closely with the tourist industry in the region and with this course you may test your and develop you skills. Work 300 hours in the tourist industry and choose between businesses within accommodation, restaurants, destinations companies, activity, and guide companies etc.

    This course will also qualify for a summer job or part time job in most of the businesses.

    RE6-2012 Practical Placement Tourism 2

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