Community Arts

Bachelor's degree programme

Are you fascinated by the arts? Do you want to learn how the arts can contribute to community involvement and personal growth? Do you want to play a role in the development of inclusive communities?

Admission and how to apply

Admission requirements

Applicants are required to meet the Higher Education Entrance Qualification to Norwegian Universities, including English language proficiency requirements. Applicants can find information about general requirements on the GSU-list.

You must upload the following documents in Søknadsweb within the deadline:

  • Secondary school diploma and transcript
  • Certificates and Diplomas from previous studies at a recognized higher education institution
  • Approved documentation of English language skills in accordance with the GSU-list
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of the passport ID page
  • Additional information you judge as relevant

There will be no admission for this program for 2024.

Welcome to a performance-based, community-focused multiarts bachelor’s program: CommunityArts!

Nurture your own artistic development while gaining access to new, local and international arenas. Learn working methods which enrich both individuals and the local community through art activities. Development your own portfolio of artistic works as an integrated element in the study.

After being introduced to community arts and the disciplines visual arts, music and dance in year one, you will specialise in one of the three arts disciplines in year two. This will enable you to collaborate with other artists in multi-arts projects. It is recommended that you have experience in performing visual arts, music or dance before you enter the community arts program. In year two, we need a minimum number of students to choose each of the three disciplines in order for all of them to be offered as elective courses in the programme. In year two, you also have the possibility to travel as an exchange student. In year three, you will go deeper into community arts and doyour bachelor project.




HVL Campus Stord offer facilities like practice rooms, a recording studio, art studios and dance facilities. The campus is compact with beautiful surroundings – a good location to focus on studies and personal development. There is a relatively short travel distance to the cities Bergen (two hours) and Haugesund (one hour), which offer a broad range of cultural activities and have professional arts communities.

Here you can read more about campus Stord.

The study combines:

  • Social inclusion through artistic activities
  • Development of artistic practice
  • Field-work experiences (professional training placement)
  • Social and business-oriented entrepreneurship
  • An international student milieu
  • The power of the arts

The course is full time and taught in English, while assignments can be written in English or Scandinavian languages. Attendance and study-based activities are compulsory in all modules. Some teaching will be conducted online.


The study is designed to provide you, as a student, with a versatile experience that will enable you to work as a community artist in various arenas. Fieldwork/professional training in authentic settings are central elements in this program. The fieldwork/professional training has a natural progression from being an observer to planning and leading activities on your own. Length of professional training will progress gradually from 2 weeks in year 1 to 6 weeks in year 3.

Planning for and making arrangements for your own placements is an important part of the training. HVL must approve all placements and will assist with formulating and finalising the relevant contracts.

Further studies

Successful completion of this international programme will qualify you for a spectrum of graduate level studies in Norway and beyond.

Student exchange

There will be possibilities for student exchange in semester 3 and 4.

Read more about being an international student at HVL here.