Community Arts

Are you fascinated by the arts? Do you want to make a real difference in your community?

Welcome to a performance-based, community-focused bachelor’s program: Community Arts.

Choose your own arts discipline to specialize in: visual arts, music or dance. Learn artistic expression, practice, and theory about yours and other art disciplines’ roles in the community. Nurture your art while gaining access to new, local and international arenas in which to express it, as well as new working methods which bring the arts to the community. This happens by bringing together hands-on experience with entrepreneurial approaches to community work, social inclusion, and the performative power of the arts in an exciting, dynamic new framework.

The course is full time. Attendance is compulsory in all modules. This multi-campus program is taught simultaneously in Bergen and Stord. Some teaching will be online, both synchronous and asynchronous. 

The dance specialization is based in Bergen. The music and visual arts specializations are based at Stord.

Study methods

Various teaching methods will be used depending on the content being taught. The methods will include practical work, lectures, excursions, fieldwork seminars and group work. All modules require dedication and hard work, and you are expected to be active in class. There will be arranged optional excursions.

Students are required to cover material expenses. You will need equipment for recording sound and video and for taking photographs. 


Field study and professional training are central elements in this program. The focus is to give you as a student a versatile experience that will enable you to work as a community artist at various arenas. The practice has a natural progression from being an observer to planning and leading activities on your own.

  • 1. Year: 2 weeks
  • 2. Year: 2 weeks
  • 3. Year: 10 weeks

You will plan and make arrangements for your placements as part of the training. HVL must approve all placements and will assist in finalising the contracts.

Job opportunities

A bachelor’s degree in Community Arts qualifies you to work with children, youth and adults in a wide variety of local, national and international community settings: Community centres, cultural programmes, non-profit organizations, museums, childrens’ day-care facilities, arts schools (music, visual arts, dance) and much more.

Further studies

Successful completion of this international programme will qualify you for a spectrum of graduate level studies in Norway and beyond.

Student exchange

There will be possibilities for student exchange in semester 5 and 6.