Course in systematic reviews, Part 2

Target audience for this course: Those who want to prepare a systematic reviews (Doers)

The course is open to all, both employees at HVL and elsewhere. It will be helpful for employees at Faculty of Health and Social Sciences who want to prepare a systematic reviews – doer of systematic reviews. 


To conduct a systematic review under supervision and with feedback from colleagues.

Form and Content

Part A: Preparation of the protocol

Teaching, preparation and supervision of the protocol in the format of PROSPERO or a similar protocol registration

  1. Background, aim(s) and eligibility criteria
  2. Sources, search Strategy and screening
  3. Critical appraisal and data management (extraction)
  4. Synthesis (Meta-analysis or meta-synthesis or mapping)

Part B: Supervision of the preparation of a systematic review 

Teaching and supervision in specific topic which participants choose during the course. All participants book time for supervision for each on the mentioned dates.

More information

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