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MASIKT-TEK02 Technological Oriented Profile 2

Course description for academic year 2017/2018

Contents and structure

The content is concerning the relationship between theories of learning and different types of digital oriented learning environments. Learning theories will be emphasized related to methods for use and development of digital tools in learning. The content gives introduction to collection, processing and reporting of data. The study is a part of the theoretical foundation for the topic of the master thesis in the second year of the master study.

Learning Outcome

The Student should: - Knowledge: Have an overview of different theories of learning, and be able to relate this to development and arrangement of learning environments. Know methods for collection, processing and reporting of data.

- Skills: Be able to use specific tools for development of interactive learning environments. The student shall be able to evaluate and relate learning environments to current theories of learning. The student shall be able to design methods for electronically collection of data.

- General Qualifications: Be able to develop interactive learning environments. Be able to use relevant learning theories related to learning environments. Be able to make data collection through electronic medium.

Entry requirements

- None

Recommended previous knowledge



Teaching methods

The work is based on teaching, on-campus gatherings, guidance, work with net based resources, work with development tools and work with assignments. The subject will contain teaching practice according to the fourth year of the teacher study.

Compulsory learning activities

Meet at on-campus gatherings. Specified in semester plan.



Examination support material

All writted and printed aids

More about examination support material