Examination support material

The access to use support material during an examination varies, as well as which support materials you are allowed to use.

Use of examination support material

Permitted examination support materials are stated in the course description, as well as on the examination question paper.

Examination support materials are personal, and they cannot be shared between students once the examination has started. If you are uncertain about whether or not a support material is allowed, you must contact the examination coordinator well in advance of the examination date.

Approved support materials like books, dictionaries and tables etc. cannot contain any loose papers, inserts or notes etc. Only underlined text and/or markings are permitted.

HVL will react strongly to cheating and attempts at cheating during an examination. If cheating or attempts at cheating are discovered, this may lead to serious consequences for you. This is also the case even if the support material in question has not yet been used, or if it was of no use on that particular exam.

Before the examination

Ten minutes prior to the start of an examination, your desk should be clear of everything but the allowed examination support material. Academic staff will control the support materials, and non-approved support materials will be confiscated and returned to you after the examination.

Come prepared! You cannot assume that HVL will be able to provide you with items like pens, batteries, chargers etc. for use during an examination.


Students with native languages other than Norwegian may apply for special examination arrangements to bring a non-lexical, general language dictionary (e.g. translation of words from Spanish to English) to the examination, unless there are specific academic considerations that contradict this. If you have been granted an application for use of a dictionary, instructions on how to submit it for control procedures will be provided to you before your examination.

Apply for use of dicitonary thorugh the application form for facilitation. 


For courses allowing standard, non-programmable calculators, the following products are permitted:

  • Casio fx-82 (all models: ES, ES Plus, EX, Solar et al.)

For courses allowing all calculators, the following rules apply:

  • The calculator should not be able to send/receive information
  • The calculator may not be plugged into any electrical outlets
  • The calculator must be noise free

You are responsible for obtaining the correct calculator model.

It is not permitted to bring manuals, program descriptions, set programs or other extra equipment, unless otherwise stated in the course description.