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SYKHB1022 Nursing with Special Needs within the Field of Medicine and Surgery

Course description for academic year 2017/2018

Contents and structure

The course focuses on acutely, critically and chronically ill patients with somatic illnesses. Learning and instruction are organised in agreement with current topics, i.e. nursing and complementary subjects are integrated. Skills training and simultation is central to the course.

Learning Outcome

The Student:

  • Has knowledge of the various functional areas of nursing in connection with patients suffering from acute, critical and chronic somatic illnesses.
  • Has knowledge of how illness, treatment and hospitalisation influence the circumstances of life of both patient and next of kin.
  • Has knowledge of how indviduals is able to cope with changes in their circumstances of life in cases of somatic illness and suffering.
  • Has knowledge of nursing in cases of medical illnessnes, treatment and situations involving risk of complications.
  • Has knowledge of pre-, per- and postoperative nursing and risk of complications in connection with the patient's special needs during surgery.
  • Has knowledge of care in relation to pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.
  • Has knowledge of nursing procedures, including basic first aid.
  • Has knowledge of medical equipment.
  • Has knowledge of the patient's autonomy and self-determination.
  • Has knowledge of framework conditions and the organisation within the specialist health service, including legislation, administrative regulations, guidelines and justifiable nursing.
  • Has knowledge of theories of care in nursing.
  • Has broad knowledge of the nursing process.
  • has knowledge of the term knowledge-based practice.
  • has knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

The Student:

  • Uses the nursing process in assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation and documentation of nursing in connection with patients with acute, critical and chronic somatic illnesses.
  • Is capable of identifying risk factors and proposing preventative and health promotional interventions.
  • Is capable of performing practical nursing procedures, including basic first aid.
  • Is capable of using medical equipment in a justifiable manner.
  • Is capable of analysing and utilising research articles.
  • Is capable of using knowledge of the patient's legal rights.
  • Is capable of using the knowledge-based work process.

The Student:      

  • Is capable of reflecting on the significance of theoretical knowledge and its importance for professional nursing when dealing with acute, critical and chronic illnesses.
  • Has an understanding of the role of the nurse in cooperation with other professions when implementing interventions pertaining to prevention, treatment, alleviation and rehabilitation.
  • Acknowledges the significance of the nurse's responsibility for continuity in the patient care pathway.
  • Has a reflective attitude towards his or her own education and sense of decorum as nurse.
  • Is conscious of his or her responsibility in complying with the legislation regulating the health service.

Entry requirements

Approved compulsory work related to SYKHB/SB1021 and SYKHB/SB1031 from 1st semestre.

Recommended previous knowledge

All preceding courses

Teaching methods

Focus on student active learning methods. The following working methods may be used:  compulsory work/assignment, individual and group tutorials, self-tuition, reflection, group work, demonstrations, skills training, simulations, oral presentation, digital learning tools, classmate response, self-evaluation, seminars, research and evidence based teaching, lectures.

Compulsory learning activities

The course has compulsory work. One of the work requirements is 90% presence on parts of the course. Further clarification is evident from the semester plan.

If there are students who will do a new ordinary / new examination with a new class, it must be assessed by the course coordinator / head of studies if previously completed coursework requirements still apply for them.


Graded marks, please consult semester plan for further description.

Examination support material


More about examination support material