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ING1026 Instrumentation

Course description for academic year 2018/2019

Contents and structure

The course deals with basic measurement technology, various sensors for position, velocity, acceleration, pressure, flow, temperature and gas analysis and usage.

Learning Outcome


The students can

  • Explain basic theoretical concepts and fields of measurements and measuring instruments.
  • Explain the most common sensors for physical quantities, and can explain methods` suitability and limitations.
  • Examine measurement accuracy.



The students can

  • Analyze measurement tasks and realize measurements.

-General qualification:

The students:

  • Know the environmental impacts of various measuring devices.
  • Can provide knowledge related to the subject, verbal and written.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

 Technical Science 1

Teaching methods

 Lectures, laboratory and guidance.

Compulsory learning activities

  1. Approved laboratory exercises.
  2. Approved hand-in assignments


Written exam, 4 hours.

Grade:  A - E / passed;  F / failed.

Examination support material

Simple calculator: Allowed calculator is Casio fx-82 (all varieties: ES, ES Plus, EX, Solar etc.)

More about examination support material