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M120DR513 Master's thesis

Course description for academic year 2018/2019

Contents and structure

This is module 5 of the Master's Degree in Drama Pedagogy and Applied Theatre. The master's thesis is an individual and independent investigation of a problem area - based on a research question - within the field of drama pedagogy and applied theatre. Students may choose between two alternative types of theses. Master thesis seminars are included in the module. The module concludes with an oral exam (lecture) related to the thesis.

The master's thesis must have relevant and useful delimitations, a clear formulation and presentation of the research question/problem under discussion. Included here is the demand for conceptual clarification, theoretical perspectives, choice of methodology and methods, empirical data, discussion, structure and reference apparatus. Originality, linguistic presentation skills and academic accountability are emphasized. The supervisor must approve the choice of topic for the master's thesis. The thesis must be written in Times New Roman 12 point, with 1,5 line spacing.

Alternative 1: Master's thesis - monograph.

Students will develop and discuss a question/problem within drama pedagogy and applied theatre through a master's thesis (about 70-100 pages). The thesis must include a professional and scholarly reflection of the research question/problem. The topic must be linked to   theory and practice within drama pedagogy and applied theatre and be submitted in writing. The thesis may also be a part of a bigger research project at HVL.

Alternative 2: Masters thesis - with a production of drama and applied theatre.

The master's thesis in alternative 2 is a practical-theoretical investigation of a research question/problem within drama pedagogy and/or applied theatre. The thesis consists of two parts:

  1. Development and implementation of a project that must be documented as a live presentation.
  2. A written reflection (about 40-50 pages) related to the project, and in which professional theory and research method are central. The master's thesis must contain a professional and scholarly reflection on the work that constitutes the practical part of the master's thesis.

Learning Outcome

The candidate has:

  • In-depth knowledge about the design of a master's project, related to arts-based and artistic research.
  • Well-informed knowledge about the topic and research problem of her/his own master's project.
  • In-depth knowledge about the formalities of academic writing.

The candidate can:

  • Reflect critically on her/his own project from different professional drama pedagogical and/or applied theatre perspectives.
  • Present and communicate arguments using scholarly terminology, in line with current academic standards.
  • Evaluate current research ethical problems and challenges in drama pedagogy and applied theatre.

After an approved master's project, the candidate can:

  • Implement an autonomous scholarly investigation, starting from a relevant professional problem.
  • Communicate central discoveries from the project, and participate in a public professional arts pedagogical research context.