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PL419 Physical Planning II

Course description for academic year 2018/2019

Contents and structure

Local development plans as instrument in physical planning. Consultation and public participation in the planning prosess. How to analyze the planning site. Lokal development plans for enroachment and inititativek

Learning Outcome

  • Zoning  plans as instruments in physical planning
  • Planning processes.
  • Requirements for content and how to make zoning plan

  • Be able to analyze a planning site adapted to the planning situation.
  • Be able to use  ArcGIS for analyzing  and designing  background material for zoning plans

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

Pl 417 Areaplanning

Teaching methods

Lectures exercises and seminar. Practical project work in groups.

Compulsory learning activities

Group assignment:  Analyzing a planning site and design background material and professional input for zoning plans for landscape interventions and measures. Appraise proposed zoning plans.

Approved assignment is required to take the exam.


Written exam 4 h . Grading A-F

Examination support material


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