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FE405 Fundamental Energy Concepts

Course description for academic year 2019/2020

Contents and structure

The course starts with an introduction to national and global energy production and use. An overview of the resource base for renewable and non-renewable energy resources is then given, as well as an introduction to sustainable development, climate change, and the environment. The course also provides an introduction to the set up of the energy system, the system's technical components, and the system¿s impact on society and the environment.

Learning Outcome

The main objective of the course is: to know the structure of the energy system; to have insight into technical solutions for energy production, distribution and consumption with a main emphasis on renewable energy; and to know the main environmental consequences of production, distribution and use of energy.


¿ Have knowledge of global and national energy production and use

¿ Have knowledge of the global and national resource base for renewable and non-renewable energy

¿ Have knowledge about the components of the energy system

¿ Have knowledge of the technical solutions in the energy system with main emphasis on renewable energy

¿ Have knowledge of the impact of energy technologies and systems on climate emissions and the environment.


¿ Be able to address the technological, social and environmental consequences of production, distribution and use of renewable energy

¿ Evaluate the status of different renewable energy technologies

¿ Conduct assessments of the impact of various technologies on society and the environment

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

Lectures, guest lectures, exercises.

Compulsory learning activities

Six approved exercises (out of six). Participation in excursions.


SK Written exam 4 hours. Grading A-F.

Examination support material

Basic calculator.

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