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GE408 Mineralogy and Petrography

Course description for academic year 2020/2021

Contents and structure

The course introduces crystallography and in more detail mineral structure and mineral chemistry. The course also focuses on systematic mineralogy and mineral genesis, as well as the physical properties of minerals and how these are used in mineral classification. The petrography part concentrates on the mineral classification of magmatic and metamorphic rocks in addition to a mineralogical/chemical classification of magmatic rocks, and a classification of the most common sediment rocks. Special focus is put on the composition and identification of rocks occurring in the Sogn og Fjordane region of Vestland county, macroscopically using hand pieces and binocular, and microscopically using thin sections.

Learning Outcome


The students should (a) be able to describe and identify common minerals and rocks in hand pieces, (b) be able to use different identification methods of minerals and rocks, (c) have knowledge on formation and occurrences of minerals and rocks, and (d) be able to perform mineralogical classification of rocks.


The students should be able to independantly perform a classification of rocks and minerals in the field, and to confirm their field analyses using microscopic and macroscopic investigations in the laboratory.

General qualifications

The students should have sufficient knowledge on minerals and rocks to enable them to fast build up competence within mineral and rock oriented jobs, and to perform a first hand mineral and rock identification in field and laboratory.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

The course builds upon GE406 Basic geology

Teaching methods

Lectures, exercises, and a two day excursion

Compulsory learning activities

Compulsory journals from the exercises. Compulsory field guide (group work) from the excursion, or groupwise presentation of the single locations of the excursion in the field.


Written exam, 4 hours. Marks A-F.

Examination support material

Pocket calculator (non-programmable), colour pencils, ruler, eraser.

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