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ELE119 Power Electronics

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

The course contains basic knowledge in power electronic components, conversion and control of electric power by use of power semiconductor technique.


  • Power semiconductors.
  • Power calculations.
  • Rectifiers: diode bridge and thyristor bridge.
  • DC-DC converters
  • Inverters.
  • Power supplies.
  • Simulation of dynamics.
  • Industrial Applications for motor drives.
  • DC motor control
  • Induction motor control
  • Calculation, simulation and analysis tools.
  • Practical laboratory tasks and simulation by Matlab/Simulink.

Learning Outcome


  • The candidate will get knowledge of various power converters such as rectifiers, frequency converters and other power electronics used in industry.
  • The candidate will get basic knowledge of industrial applications using power semiconductors and different power converters.
  • The candidate will get basic knowledge of DC motor drive and induction motor drive With SVPWM by using power semiconductors and different power converters.


  • The candidate can clarify characteristics of power electronics systems and a wide range of power electronics applications.
  • The candidate can describe and analyze basic power converter topologies and understand the bidirectional power flow of power electronic systems.
  • The candidate can understand and analyze harmonic components and simple filters.
  • The candidate has basic understanding of simulation tools and can make simple design considerations for power electronics systems.
  • The candidate can work both independently and with others in engineering projects.


  • The candidate will have competence on theory, problem analysis and making solutions to the problems within electrical engineering.

Entry requirements

analog & digital circuits, control systems, etc.

Recommended previous knowledge

Courses from the first two years study.

Teaching methods

Lectures, simulations, homework, and laboratory tasks

Compulsory learning activities

6 compulsory assignments, 2 laboratory assignments.

Mandatory attendance of laboratory practices.

The assignments must be submitted within set deadlines and must be approved before examination can

take place. Approved mandatory assignments are valid in 3 semesters following approval.


4 hours written exam for Autumn semester or oral exam for re-seat exam.

Grading scale is A-F where F is fail.

Examination support material

Notes (maximal 5 sheets in A4 format, can be writen in both sides). All kinds of calculator.

More about examination support material

Course reductions

  • ELE119D - Kraftelektronikk - Reduction: 10 studypoints