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MMO5009 Maritime Operations

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

  • Aspects of shipping operations with emphasis on the Arctic
  • Example of an advanced maritime operation

  • Kinematics and dynamics of ocean waves
  • Natural frequencies and frequency of encounter
  • Wave-induced motions
  • Risk of resonance and minimization of ship motions

  • Signs of shallow water entrance
  • Parameters affecting the under-keel clearance (UKC)
  • Hydrodynamic interaction with bottom topography
  • Examples of actual UKC calculations by simulation software

  • The effect of speed - aspect ratio for high speed craft navigation
  • Time to - and distance at - closest point of approach
  • Collision risk assessment in true motion to multiple targets
  • Target selection procedure in congested waterways

  • Optimization criteria
  • Principle of the isochrone method to solve the optimization problem

Learning Outcome

The student:

  • Knows the principles of maritime operations with emphasis on how the environment affects the operations.
  • Has thorough understanding of the key environmental factors affecting the performance of maritime operations.
  • Knows the fundamental hydrodynamics as a theoretical basis for ship dynamic motions.
  • Has advanced knowledge in collision and grounding avoidance at sea.
  • Knows the principles of ship weather routing.


The student:

  • Is able to use appropriate analytical approaches to perform assessment of maritime operations.
  • Is able to understand limitations in modelling and simulation of maritime operations.
  • Is able to propose and evaluate solutions for planning of effective operations.

The student:

  • Is able to work in project teams of maritime operations, including international and interdisciplinary project teams.
  • Has the foundation to acquire new and more advanced knowledge related to work tasks and operations within the maritime field.
  • Can contribute in discussions regarding relevant maritime operations.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

MMO5003 Modern ship design: Safety, limitations and hazards or equivalent.

Teaching methods

Lectures, group-work, self-studies, possible simulator demonstrations.

Compulsory learning activities



Individual written assignment (50 %).

Oral examination of 45 minutes, where presentation of the written assignment lasts 15 minutes (50 %).

Grading scale: A-F

Examination support material

All supporting materials allowed.

More about examination support material