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NAB2011 Thermo Dynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

Continuity equation, Bernoulli's equation, pipe flow, cyclic processes; The Otto motor, diesel motor, refrigerators, heat pumps, compressors, gas turbines, steam turbines, pumps, pipe- and pump characteristics, operating points.

Learning Outcome

- Knowledge:

Can use the energy equation for open and closed systems to perform calculations. They do calculations by using the continuity equation and Bernoulli's equation. The students can use the humidity diagram in combination with climatic conditions to assess whether to exchange the air within a cargo hold. They can do calculations in thermodynamic cyclic processes for turbines, compressors, refrigerators, heat pumps, the Otto motor and diesel motors. The students can calculate pressure loss in laminar and turbulent flow and they can do calculations as a basis for pipe- and pump characteristics, which forms operating points and control the regulation of pumps.

- Skills:

Can operate cargo holds in order to maintain the quality of the cargo based on temperature and humidity. They can calculate operating points for pumps and thereby be able to handle liquid cargo. The students can assess the use of resources for operation of ships and vessels.

- General Qualifications:

Can communicate with the Chief Engineer or other trained personnel in the engine room and discuss technical issues, propulsion and cargo handling. The acquired knowledge shall also be part in forming a foundation for important subjects as required in STCW 78 as Amended, tables A-II/1 and A-II/2.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

NAB1001 Physics, NAB1022 Chemistry and NAB1030 Basic Mathematics (or in parallel).

Teaching methods

Lectures and exercises.

Compulsory learning activities

2 written assignments. Both must be approved in order to take the final exam. 


Written exam, 4 hrs

Examination support material

Allowed calculator is: Casio fx-991EX. The University College's Teknisk formelsamling(Pedersen, Gustavsen, Kaasa og Olsen) are handed out during the exam.

More about examination support material