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BI436 Green Infrastructure and Urban Vegetation

Course description for academic year 2022/2023

Contents and structure

The course gives an understanding of the values and the functions of urban green space, and training in designing green areas. It offers a theoretical introduction to urban green space and infrastructure as well as theoretical and practical knowledge of lignoses and other plants commonly used in Norwegian green areas. The course offers a critical view on the usage of alien plant species, and focuses on the use of native species when applicable.   

Learning Outcome


The student shall know about:

  • different types of urban green space.
  • the functions and values of urban green space.
  • the development of parks and green areas.
  • basic design principles for green infrastructure and green areas.
  • the climatic and ecological requirements and the application of common plants in Norwegian urban green areas.
  • the risks involved when using alien species in green areas and the native alternatives.


The student:

  • can identify 200 taxa (species /families) of ornamental plants commonly used in Norwegian grees space, with emphasis on lignoses.
  • can select appropriate plants for green space depending on the characteristics of and the use of the green space.  

General competence

  • The student have the ability to evaluate the content in and the design of urban green space.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

BI424 Botanikk grunnkurs

PL424 Rom og design

GE413 Kartlære og GIS

BI445 Økologi

Teaching methods

Lectures, exercises, excursions. Practical project work in designing green infrastructure and select appropriate plants.

Compulsory learning activities

Participation in 5-6 excursions. 2-3 exercises, individual or in groups with oral and written presentations.


1) Project assignment in groups, 60%. New group assignment must be performed if getting a failing grade or improving grade.

2) Practical examination, identifying plants, 1 hour, 40%.

Grading: A-F.

Examination support material

Part 1, project work in groups: All

Part 2, identifying plants: List of plants of the curriculum

More about examination support material