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SA546 Examen Philosophicum

Course description for academic year 2023/2024

Contents and structure

Examen philosophicum provides the students with an introduction to the way of thinking, working and writing in a university. The students are introduced to academic culture, and provedes a philosophical perspective on sentral legal questions. The subject includes an introduction to legal philosopgy and other philosophical subjects with relevance for law. It also introduces the students to language and argumentation theory, in order to achieve academic presision.

Learning Outcome


The student has knowledge of e selction of philosophical subjects of relevance for legal studies, for example legal philosophy, ethics and political philosophy. The student also has knowledge of sentral terms in lenguage- and agumentation theory.

Skills and general competence:

The student is able to:

- Use philosophical terms in an analytical an principled discussion about legal issues

- Use language and argumentation theory in written texts about legal issues, use basic norms for written and oral academic work, as clarity, independence and good use of academic sources.

Recommended previous knowledge


Compulsory learning activities

The student shall:

- Attend minimum 80% of the seminars

- Give an oral presentation in the seminar

- Submit a draft of the seminar assignment part 1 and 2

- Attend a group guidance class about the seminar assignment

- Pass smaller tests (assignments) given during the course


Studenten skal skrive en seminaroppgave underveis i kurset. Oppgaven består av 2 deler.

Ny eksamen er skriftleg skoleeksamen (4 timer).

Examination support material

All physical and written sources.

More about examination support material