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BCA801V Artistic Expression and Practice 2 - Visual Art

Course description for academic year 2022/2023

Contents and structure

Through this course you will gain more experience with different materials and techniques relevant for working with visual art, crafts and design (visual art). The course emphasizes practical work and working in the studio is a central part of this course. You will gain insight into both analogue and digital techniques relevant for working with visual art in the community. Your competence will be developed through practical training and experience of working through a creative process using aesthetical learning methods. Visual art didactics is an integrated part of this course. 

Learning Outcome


The student: 

  • Has good knowledge of relevant materials, techniques and tools 
  • Has practical knowledge about working with visual art as part of personal development
  • Has developed basic theoretical and critical understanding of the ways in which meaning pertains in visual arts, and how it impacts participants in visual arts practices in different contexts. 
  • Has basic knowledge of art, design and architecture in an historical context


The student: 

  • Can use different techniques for visual expression 
  • Can use technology and digital tools to enhance visual art activities and expression
  • Can express him/herself artistically and publicly in a chosen visual medium. 
  • Can use technology and digital tools to enhance art activities and expression as well as introducing and using technology as a vital part of inclusive arts activities in different contexts    

General competence

The student:  

  • Can understand how visual creative work can challenge one’s senses, engage emotions, demands concentration and activates the body. 
  • Can plan and organise exhibitions

Entry requirements


Teaching methods

Workshops, seminars, lectures, practical work in the studio, both individual and group-based work.

Compulsory learning activities

Material costs for this course 300 NOK 

  • Compulsory attendance is a requirement for parts of this course, which parts this is will be presented in the plan for each semester. 
  • An oral presentation
  • Organising a visual art exhibition


Portfolio assessment with practical work with documentation. Part of the portfolio work will be presented at an open exhibition.

Grading scale A - F.