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BCAPRA3 Community Arts - Professional Training 3

Course description for academic year 2022/2023

Contents and structure

Field study and professional training are central elements in this program. The focus is to give you as a student a versatile experience that will enable you to work as a community artist at various arenas. The practice has a natural progression from being an observer to planning and leading activities on your own.  

Professional training will be integrated in the different subject. The student must plan and make arrangement for placements by themselves as this is part of the training. HVL must approve all placements and will assist in finalising the contracts. Students who feel ready may start their own community art activities which may be approved as placement training.  

Participation in externally funded projects relevant for work in the community may also be included in the professional training.   

The third year professional training will focus on:  

  • Leadership practice: Planning and organizing 5-10 arts-based activities.  
  • Field study for bachelor dissertation

Learning Outcome


The student

  • Has knowledge of how to plan, organize and lead community arts activities   


The student

  • Can lead learning work for different groups of people, as well as be able to adjust work methods during teaching  Can reflect critically on his/her own work generally and specifically as a community artist and that of others  
  • Can initiate, motivate, lead and organize discipline- based as well as interdisciplinary arts activities in different contexts and with different groups of participants  
  • Can use a different of approaches and ways of working, which invite participation in arts practices irrespective of participants backgrounds  

General competence 

The student

  • Can be a clear leader and lead community art activities for different groups of people. 
  • Can communicate in and betwixt different arts activities, and lead professional arts community   

Entry requirements


Teaching methods

Professional training, 10 weeks

Compulsory learning activities

Written report


Grade: Pass/fail