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BO6-2001 Bachelor´s Thesis Accountant

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

The Bachelor thesis is a research- or development project carried out independently by the students under supervision. Therefore, the students must use their specialist knowledge and research on practical and theoretical research questions within accounting, tax laws, and jurisprudence. The bachelor thesis is written in groups of 3 - 4 students. Students may submit a written application to dispense if they have particular grounds for not writing the thesis in a group.

Learning Outcome


The candidate:

  • Has specialized knowledge of the relevant theories and methods to explore the chosen research problem within accounting, tax laws, and jurisprudence.
  • Is familiar with research and development work relevant to the chosen research problem.


The candidate:

  • Can give an account of an academic research problem.
  • Can develop a research question that is of scholarly or societal interest within accounting, tax laws, and jurisprudence.
  • Can find, select, and specialize in theories relevant to the research problem.
  • Can evaluate and choose methods that are relevant to the research problem.
  • Can plan and collect empirical data.
  • Can analyze data and discuss the findings in a scholarly manner.
  • Can evaluate the findings and draw a conclusion.
  • Can plan and carry out a project with limited resources.

General Competence

The candidate:

  • Can plan and carry out a project over time, alone and as part of a group, and in accordance with ethical requirements and principles and GDPR.
  • Can communicate research problems, academic subject matters, and solutions in writing and oral.
  • Can exchange opinions and experiences with others with a background in accounting, thereby contributing to the development of good practice.
  • Shows critical thinking skills and consciousness of how their values can affect their research.

Entry requirements

The students must have completed 90 ETCS at the beginning of the fifth semester. At least 30 ETCS must be within the field of accounting and tax.

Furthermore, the students must have passed BØA115 Statistics and the course requirements of ME6-1002 Research Methods in Social Science.

The course coordination can grant a dispensation for exceptional grounds upon a written dispensation within the given deadline. An open admission may be considered based on a written application for students aiming for authorization as an official accountant.

Teaching methods

The bachelor thesis is an independent work carried out by student groups. Therefore, the students are responsible for the progress and formulating the bachelor thesis. A series of seminars and videos prepares the students for writing the bachelor thesis. However, active supervision is also an essential learning method in this course. Each student group receives four sessions of supervision. The bachelor thesis guidelines provide further information regarding supervision.

Compulsory learning activities

To be able to submit the Bachelor thesis, the students must:

  1. Arrange, prepare, and actively participate in the compulsory supervision meeting and sign the supervision contract.
  2. Oral reflection on how their values can affect their research. It is carried out as part of the supervision meetings but must be an addition to the compulsory supervision meeting.
  3. Participate actively in the poster workshop and submit the bachelor thesis finished poster. This includes one peer assessment.


Bachelor thesis written in groups of 3 - 4 students .

Adjusting oral exam

Grade skale A - F

Examination support material

All but the thesis must be the student's work. Students can, for instance, not use AI tools to produce content or, in other ways, disrupt the examiner's chances to evaluate the students' skills. The bachelor thesis guidelines provide further details.

More about examination support material