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BRL112 Entrepreneurial finance

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

Content and structure:

Students will learn how entrepreneurial finance differs from traditional business finance and current theories that can explain the start-up and financing of entrepreneurial companies. Furthermore, the students will learn about various business economic and entrepreneurial financial valuation methods for smaller and larger growth companies.

The students must also be able to derive a financial business model around a given case. The case can be a separate business idea or given in the course. Students will learn to prepare and budget realistic and profitable growth scenarios, be able to evaluate cases against different valuation methods, and derive a financing plan.

Learning Outcome


The students will know:

  • the purpose of a financial statement
  • the purpose of the financial part of a business plan, pitch or investor presentation
  • the relationship between costs in a development phase and income in a growth phase
  • financial management and planning through the start-up's "valley of death" and early life cycle

The students can:

  • budget a business idea to a level that must be sufficient for presentation to support agencies, banks and investors
  • understand the specific challenges that apply to uncertain innovation projects and start-ups with a higher degree of risk
  • make assessments of other business models, start-up companies or growth cases from the perspective of a provider of start-up/growth financing
  • demonstrate a critical sense when assessing early-stage companies and the financing aspect

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

BØ6-1012 Innføring i bedriftsøkonomi og rekneskap for reiselivet. BRL111 - Økonomistyring for reiselivsverksemder.

Teaching methods

Lectures and group assignments.

Compulsory learning activities

A mandatory assignment.


4 hour written schoolexam

Examination support material


More about examination support material

Course reductions

  • BRL101 - Utvikling og drift av ei reiselivsverksemd I - Reduction: 4 studypoints
  • BRL102 - Utvikling og drift av ei reiselivsverksemd II - Reduction: 3.5 studypoints