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BYG300 Timber Structures and Structural Analysis

Course description for academic year 2022/2023

Contents and structure

The course will provide an understanding of the behavior of timber structures, placed in a building context. The course will provide the basis for the design of simple timber structures.


  • Characteristics of wood as structural material
  • Design calculations for axial force, torsion, moments and shear force
  • Buckling effects
  • Special calculation rules for load distribution, stiffening, etc.
  • Calculation of displacements
  • Structural design of connections: nails, screws, bolts, timber connections, dowels
  • Review of relevant "Byggforsk" sheets
  • Fire resistance
  • Cross Laminated Timber

The course will also provide an understanding of the behaviour of structures in general and will provide a basis for structural analysis.

  • Energy methods (Castigliano's theorem)
  • Deformation of beams, frames and truss structures
  • Statically indeterminate beams, frames and truss structures
  • Plastic design methods (collapse of frames)

Course reductions

  • TOB073 - Statikk - Reduction: 5 studypoints
  • TOB072 - Trekonstruksjoner - Reduction: 5 studypoints
  • BYG108 - Berekningsmetodar - Reduction: 5 studypoints
  • BYG120 - Trekonstruksjonar - Reduction: 5 studypoints