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EVN1010 Challenges for the Maritime industry with respect to environment and climate

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

The course is an online introductory course that can give course participants 2.5 credits.

  • New tasks for the maritime industry
  • The safety associated with the new challenges
  • Waves and ship movements
  • Modern vessels (hull, movements, alternative fuels)
  • Need for competence to operate modern vessels
  • Offshore wind and sustainability
  • Construction and installation of offshore wind power plants
  • Offshore fish cages and sustainability (safety against escape of fish, safety for personnel)
  • Operation of fish cages far out to sea
  • Minerals on the seabed and sustainability
  • Access to seabed minerals
  • Cyber-attacks and security
  • The role of the authorities
  • Environmental impact
  • Economical effects of potential solutions to meet the challenges

Learning Outcome

Knowledge The students shall have knowledge regarding the challenges posed to the maritime industry with regard to the environment and climate to an extent that they can make strategical decisions on actvities relevant to them.

Skills The students must have sufficient knowledge so that they can participate in a fact-based discussion on strategical issues related to the topic.

General competency The students shall have general competence to understand the challenges posed to the maritime industry with regard to the environment and climate.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

Interest in and/or experience from maritime activities. Participants must be able to follow the lectures and read as well as understand written English.

Teaching methods

The course is taught digitally. Teaching consists of webinars, where the lecturer facilitates interaction through dialogue with the participants and the opportunity to ask questions and provide input.

Compulsory learning activities

Written submission, a home assignment must be answered satisfactorily.


Written individual home exam - 4 hours.

Grade: pass / not pass

You can choose whether you want to take the exam and receive credits for the course or be issued a course certificate, if the compulsory learning activity is met.

Examination support material

All examination support material is allowed.

More about examination support material