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JU6-1002 Tax Law 2

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure


• Asset determination in business transactions

• Determine taxable income and deductible costs in business activities

• Calculation of tax sole proprietorship (EPF), responsible company (ANS) og limited liability company (AS)

• Conversion from EPF to AS

• Realisation of business

• Liquidation of business

Learning Outcome


The student

• has knowledge of tax and fee regulations linked to commercial activities

• have knowledge of which transactions and events related to ownership and equity that may result in taxation

• has knowledge of the tax implications related to termination and liquidation of businesses

• has knowledge of determining assets for non-listed shares and shares in responsible companies

• knows the main principle for determining the entry value for property from a gift or inheritance

• has knowledge of tax planning


The student can

• determine what is taxable income, costs with the right to deduction, as well as making the correct timing of the post office for the calculation of ordinary income in business.

• calculate tax for personal companies (EPF), limited liability companies (ANS) and limited liability companies (AS)

• determine the basis for taxation of shareholders (the Shareholder Model and the Exemption Method), participants in a responsible company (the Participant Model) and proprietors of sole proprietorships (the Company Model)

• tax-friendly conversion from EPF to AS

• assess the tax implications of the transfer of business

• make ethical reflections about tax planning

General Competence

The student can

• acquire up-to-date knowledge within the areas of knowledge and skills mentioned above

• convey central subject matter through relevant forms of expression and can exchange points of view and share ideas with other professionals

• see the subject in a larger social context

Entry requirements

See recommended prerequisites

Recommended previous knowledge

JU6-1001 Tax Law 1, JU6-1004 Tax and Law for real estate agents or equivalent

Teaching methods

The subject will be conducted as lectures with a review of theory illustrated with practical examples and an assignment seminar.

Compulsory learning activities

Two written submissions to be solved individually or in groups. The work requirement must be completed by the set deadlines and approved before you can sit for the exam


Written exam 4 hours.

Letter grade.

Examination support material

Lovdata pro in exam mode (with the incorporations that Lovdata has allowed, and with access to all laws, preparatory work, regulations, case law from the Supreme Court and the courts of appeal, and everything from EEA and EU legal sources, unless the subject responsible has determined otherwise).


More about examination support material

Course reductions

  • JU6-202 - Skatte- og avgiftsrett - Reduction: 2 studypoints
  • EM6-102 - Skatte- og avgiftsrett for eiendomsmeglere - Reduction: 2 studypoints
  • ØKB2008 - Skatte- og avgiftsrett 2 - Reduction: 7.5 studypoints
  • ØBR112 - Skatte- og avgiftsrett 2 - Reduction: 7.5 studypoints