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NABY0002 Preparatory Norwegian for Nautical Science Y-vei

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

This course is a preliminary course to cover topics in Norwegian at the level of general study competence. The emphasis is on good communication and what characterizes an academic text. Students work to a large extent with writing, but also with rhetoric, argumentation and the language as a tool for good communication, in addition to grammar and basic spelling framwork.

The subject has compulsory attendance the week before the start of studies. More information about attendance will be provided.

Learning Outcome


The student

  • has knowledge of the principles of communication and the communication process
  • knows what characterizes an academic text, and is familiar with the principles of appropriate use of literature and sources
  • can build up a good argument
  • is familiar with grammar and basic spelling framework


The student

  • can write a text within the academic genre
  • can find, evaluate and refer to information and subject matter and present this in such a way that it illustrates a problem
  • masters relevant professional tools, techniques and forms of expression


The student

  • is able to convey in writing central subject matter such as theories, problems and solutions
  • can reflect on own professional practice and adjust it under guidance

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

Lectures with student activities, group work and individual guidance.

The student chooses either bokmål or nynorsk as their language variant in the course.

Compulsory learning activities

100% compulsory attendance on the course days.One completed guidance on a draft semester paper.


Semester paper. Grading pass/fail

Examination support material

All aids allowed

More about examination support material