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HSPED802 Optional modules

Course description for academic year 2023/2024

Contents and structure

The course contains a set of 20-hour modules where the participants choose 5 modules. It is recommended to choose the module Pedagogical portefolio as one of the modules where the participants receive guidance on how to write the assignment that can be used as documentation of competence at associate professor level.

The modules are spesialization of topics linked to themes in the Introductory course. The modules will be available for the participants' registration at the beginning of the semester

Learning Outcome


The student

  • select, justify and further develop appropriate learning activities, teaching and assessment methods in relation to academic goals and educational programs


The student

  • plan and implement Reseach and development-based teaching and involve students in Reseach and development -based learning processes.


General competency

The student

  • contribute to academic and pedagogical innovation through the choice of varied teaching methods that include the use of digital tools

Entry requirements


Teaching methods

Discussion, student activity, lectures, group work, self-study, peer guidance and online learning activeties

Compulsory learning activities

Participation on modules, 100 hours in total


Written assignment, 5 modules.

Grading: Pass/Fail.

Examination support material

All material can be used.

More about examination support material